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Wilson Wise

Founder, Financial Advisor

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Wilson Wise- Founder, Financial Advisor

On Christmas Day 2000, I received a book entitled “The Total Money Makeover” that changed the course of my financial life. It shared some simple financial strategies such as keeping a budget, spending less than you make and saving for retirement at an early age, that I was anxious to implement. When I returned to college after winter break in January 2001 with a few hundred dollars earned from delivering pizzas, I walked into a financial advisor’s office and began my journey into long-term investing and a passion for sharing what I’ve learned with others.

I’m a United States Air Force veteran, current Air Force Reservist and former high school teacher and university professor. My 16 years in the military and in education were an incredible first career. Now, I’m blessed to partner with individuals as an independent financial advisor. I work with families and small business owners to help them sort through their long-term goals and grow, protect and preserve their wealth.

I am married to my wonderful wife, Emily, and we have four children. After living in five states and seeing many parts of this great country, in 2018 we were drawn to make Lexington our home. We love it here and are slowly assimilating to the Big Blue Nation although we will always love our beloved Crimson and Cream. Boomer Sooner!

Caitlyn Mason

Client Relations Specialist

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Caitlyn Mason- Client Relations Specialist

From an adolescent living in Western Kentucky to attending college in Central Kentucky, Caitlyn has always called Kentucky home. After college, she lived in Lexington with her husband for 12 years before they made a special move to Georgetown, right before the birth of their daughter. Also residing with them are two rescue dogs and a rescue cat.

Caitlyn brings a new energy and infectious enthusiasm to Consort Financial after 7 years teaching in the classroom. When not in the office, Caitlyn loves to attend and volunteer at her church, enjoying the comedy of Rifftrax, working outside in her flower gardens, spending time with her family and pets, going to local events, and helping others.

If you have have any questions about what it means to work with us, please call (859) 254-8330.

Marty Grubb

Client Relations Specialist

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Marty Grubb- Client Relations Specialist

Marty, a native of Pennsylvania has lived in Kentucky for 25 years with stops in West Virginia and South Carolina. Marty enjoyed 43 years of marriage with her late husband Pat. She is a proud step-mother of one, mother of three, grandmother of two. She has hope there will be more in the future.

She has served in her current role at another firm and has assisted hundreds of clients in all stages of their financial journey.

In her free time she loves gardening, sewing, reading and spending time her family.

If you have have any questions about what it means to work with us, please call (859) 254-8330.

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